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What exactly is Element Animation?

We’re an animation studio compiled of voice actors, artists, animators and composers! We put as much time and effort as we can into telling you stories and making you laugh.

Is this your full-time job? How do you pay for all of this?

We get paid by you! Every time you watch one of our videos on YouTube, an advertisement is shown. If you watch that advertisement for more than 5 seconds or you click on it, we get paid a very small amount of money. However, this money alone is not enough to cover production of our videos. For many of our videos, we aren’t able to afford to use the extended team. But there are other ways you can help us create videos faster and better than ever before; Support us on Patreon, sign up for an account on Vessel, buy our merchandise or our songs on iTunes, purchase ranks/perks on our Minecraft Server. All of these help us continue doing what we love doing, if you do just one of these, we will be able to worry more about making our videos the best we can and less about the bills.

What software do you use?

We use a range of software to make our animations and it’s always changing so there isn’t a definite answer to this question. If you’re interested in learning animation, you really shouldn’t base your software choice on what other people use. There isn’t a lot of difference between animation software, you should try different ones out and see what you feel more comfortable with, there’s a list of some very useful programs here.

Where’s “An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft”?

We have a huge backlist of videos that are just waiting to be made. The next episode of “An Egg’s Guide” is one of them. It really depends on how long it will take to finish the videos in front of it.

Can I re-upload your videos to my channel?

Mostly no. We rely on the advertisements that run alongside our videos so we’re able to afford to live while we work on new ones. If a video is on your channel, people can easily assume that you are Element Animation and watch your version of the video instead. This stops us from being able to produce videos. If you upload our videos, the chances are that content-ID will immediately flag your video, notifying us and resulting in a channel strike for you. If content ID doesn’t flag it, the chances are that we’ll find it anyway and take it down manually. We do checks every few days.
We won’t take the video down if:

  • You have dubbed the video so people of other languages can watch and enjoy them too.
  • You have done something creative with our content: remixes, parodies, 10 hour versions of small sections, etc.
  • Videos that use small clips of our content: reports, news sources, top 10’s*, etc.

* If we find videos titled “Top 10 Minecraft Animations!” or “Top 10 Minecraft Music Videos” with one of our videos, not just a clip, but the entire video we will take it down immediately.

I have ideas for [insert show name here]!

Awesome! Send them to us via the contact page. If we use any of your ideas, we’ll credit you and possibly pay you too!

How long does it take to make videos?

Go check out the “Who we are” page, it explains the whole process!

How many people are in Element Animation?

It’s always changing! Right now we have 4 core team members: Dan, Jason, Joel and Paul along with a whole bunch of people all around the world helping out with our videos!

Can I be in a video?

If you have a big following on YouTube or elsewhere, or you have something unique to lend to our videos, get in contact!

Do you take on projects for other companies/people?

Yes we do! A lot of the projects we take on depend on our current schedule. Need an animation or want to collaborate on a project? Get in touch!
Please note: We don’t take on projects for free! Please don’t contact us for Youtube intros.

Who creates the music for your videos?

We’ve had many people work with us on the music for our videos. Most notably is Kevin MacLeod. Kevin is our main composer, his music is ingrained into our content. Without Kevin, our videos wouldn’t be as magical.

Other notable musicians we’ve worked with:

We also have members of the core team who create music! Dan and Paul are both musically talented! Dan composed all of the music for season 1 of “The Crack!” and Paul is a member of Native Braves!

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