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We are Element Animation, an animation studio based in Scunthorpe, UK. We create 3D animated videos and upload them to YouTube for everyone to watch.

We have 4 members of the core Element Animation Team:

  • Dan Lloyd

    • Director
    • Writer
    • Layout Artist
    • Technical Animator
    • Character Animator
    • Voice Actor
    • Composer
    • Effects Artist
    • Web Designer
  • Jason Sargeant

    • Voice Actor
    • Character Animator (Vocals)
    • Layout Artist
    • Render Technician
    • Simulation Technician
    • Server Administrator
  • Sir Paul David Everatt IV

    • Sound Designer
    • Compositor
    • Editor

Element Animation was founded in 2010 by three friends: Dan Lloyd, Jason Sargeant and Christine Atkin. After finishing college, Jason and Dan became animators-for-hire with Dan taking on most of the work while teaching Jason on the side. After a while doing this, Jason and Dan wanted to create something of their own. So they began wrote a script for a short film titled “YOLK!” with the help of Chrisi. At this point they needed funding so they began building character rigs, props and sets to create some promotional material that would hopefully attract some generous investors:

It didn’t work, after a while it became obvious that “YOLK!” wasn’t going to happen. The trio decided to take the characters and sets they’d built and create a bunch of small animations with them and post them online just to show off their skills to potential clients.
Element Animation was born!
After months of uploading short videos to YouTube, more and more people were subscribing to Element Animation and watching the videos. Eventually, YouTube began paying the team for the videos they were uploading and later they were able to stop doing work for clients and work on the videos full-time.

A lot of things have changed since 2010; we’ve grown! There are currently 4 members of the core team and a dozen members of the extended team which is always changing. Our YouTube channel has become more Minecraft orientated, we’ve created some highly recognizable characters and we have our own studio now and it’s all thanks to everyone who watches our videos!

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